Iowa Household Annual Median Income 

If you are below median income, you are eligible for Chapter 7.
1 Person Household- Iowa Gross Annual Median Income - $50,328
2 People Household-
Iowa Gross Annual Median Income - $71,767
3 People Household-
Iowa Gross Annual Median Income - $81,910
4 People Household-
Iowa Gross Annual Median Income - $96,373
5 People Household-
Iowa Gross Annual Median Income - $105,373
Include all children you support in your "household".  

Exclude Social Security.

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Ready to Start? $1,000 Attorney Fee, $338 Filing Fee   

Step 1 Credit Counseling 

If you are under median income, the next step is your

It costs $35 total whether single or joint married filing and takes around 60-90 minutes.  It is good for Six Months, so you can get this out of the way now.   

Jeff.Mathias@Gmail.com a copy of your certificate(s) and questions to Jeff.  

Step 2 Accumulate Fees & Documents 

Below is what you will need.  Go ahead and Jeff.Mathias@Gmail.com a copy of your credit counseling certificate first.  Jeff can send you some simple forms to fill out early so we can spot issues and have everything ready for our low stress office appointment.  It is also fine to Jeff.Mathias@Gmail.com PDF copies of most recently filed taxes and pay stubs listed below. 

 __Attorney and filing fee in cash or money order.  Jeff's fixed attorney fee depends on whether you are filing single or joint and the complexity of your case.  The filing fee is currently $335. 

__Mandatory Credit Counseling Certificate(s) Required.  There is one more online course after we file.  Jeff will email you when it is time.

__All bills you intend to discharge (credit cards, medical etc.) with account numbers and full address including zip code;

__Creditor information (full address, account #'s) on debts you will keep like home or car loans;

__Last two months (60 days) pay stubs from work, including your spouse even if they are not filing. If you are paid bi-weekly, this is four pay stubs.

__If you do not receive wage income, bring records of other income for the last six months;

__Most recent state and federal tax returns;

__W2's for the last two years;

__Photo ID and Social Security Card or proof of social security number.

Go ahead and Email Jeff once you have these documents available and we can prepare ahead of our office meeting to make sure things go smoothly. 

Step 3 Des Moines Office Appointment

We will meet once in Des Moines after we have prepared via email.   Ideally we are just reviewing the information and documents you have already provided and the draft petition already prepared, in which case the office meeting may be done in 30 minutes.

Jeff files electronically and your hearing is about 30 days later here in Des Moines.

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Jeff also handles Uncontested and Collaborative Divorce in Des Moines.  See Jeff's History of Child Support in Iowa.

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